Borage is a wonderful herb to grow for beautifying your veg plot, and giving you a long-lasting supply of very pretty edible flowers for adding to salads and drinks.

It's a prolific self-sower. Grow it once and you'll find plants popping up around your plot for years to come.

Time from seed to plate: 8 weeks


Sowing Calendar



Borage seeds require no special treatment to get them going. Sow by creating a shallow groove across a veg bed about half an inch deep. Sprinkle in the seeds leaving one every couple of inches. Firm back the soil and water.

Allow a gap of 12 inches between rows.


After 3-4 weeks thin out the seedlings that come up so you're left with one plant every 6 inches. That's all the care they require.


After about 8 weeks you can start harvesting the flowers. Collect these by gently pulling the stamen tips to separate the blossom from the green backing attached to the stem. Use the flowers fresh in drinks or salads. Alternatively freeze them individually in ice-cube trays to use later. Fantastic in summer coolers, pimms or gin & tonics.